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Thalmic Labs says no touch needed

No touch needed with Myo,
No touch needed with Myo,
Thalmic Labs

Thamic Labs is a start-up company with offices in the tech incubator section of the city of Hamilton, which is just one hour away from metropolitan Toronto.
The company continues to create some buzz after having been named as the start-up company of 2013, and received even more attention, with attendance at the CES show held a few weeks ago in Las Vegas. The company’s flagship product is the Myo armband, which allows users to operate computers, smartphones and host of other devices with gestures.
Within 2 days of its release,the Toronto area company, Thalmic Labs received more than 10,000 orders for the Myo armbands, which is in an alpha release. What has created much of the excitement is that the company has also released an SDK or Software Development Kit for developers to create applications for the product.

In addition to gaming, and controlling multimedia presentations, Myo can be programmed to work with almost any Bluetooth-enabled electronic device, and works by recognising the electrical activity generated by the muscles in your arm. The company envisions use by amputees, and others with a limited amount of movement.

Thalmic Labs includes is planning to include Programming interfaces for all operating systems, and soon it will not matter whether your device is a Mac, Android or Windows as there will be APIs for all versions.
Serious players in the tech game are impressed with Thalmic Labs, which has received funding from the likes of Intel and Venture Capital from Spark.

Expectations are high for Myo to become one of the popular units in the field of wearable technology.

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