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Thai satellite sees 300 objects in Indian Ocean: Possibly Malaysian missing jet

Malaysia Airlines
Malaysia Airlines

A Thai satellite has seen approximately 300 objects floating in the Indian Ocean that is reportedly near the area being searched for the missing Malaysia Airlines passenger jet, according to the New York Post on Thursday morning. Some three hundred objects of various sizes have been detected in the southern Indian Ocean some 1,675 miles southwest of Perth, Australia, says Anond Snidvongs who directs the space technology development agency in Thailand.

It took two days to develop images that were taken via the Thaichote satellite on Monday – and the results of the images were shared with the authorities in Malaysia on Wednesday.

This finding by Thailand is approximately 125 miles from the location that a French satellite saw 122 objects on Sunday.

Naturally, at this time, it is not known whether the these objects spotted on images in the international efforts to find the missing jet are from the Malaysia Airlines Fight MH 370 or not.

Due to extremely bad weather, efforts to find any of the objects seen by the French satellite were greatly hindered on Thursday.

The search continues to find the Malaysia Airlines passenger jet that went missing on March 8 as weather permits in the south Indian Ocean region.

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