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Thai Green Chile offers exceptional Thai and Chinese food


Lunch specials come with soup, rice, and a spring roll

In any major city there are going to be a large number of horrible asian restaurants. They are cheap, greasy, and low quality. They typically outnumber the good restaurants in such a way that locating a quality one can be challenging.

Unfortunately, most restaurants that serve Chinese food are bad. This is true. They are more often that not of inferior quality. They usually make you feel bad after you eat them. Most of the time you have to go to a more expensive place in order to get decent Chinese. Another warning sign for Asian restaurants are menus with multiple cuisines. Any place that serves pho soup, sushi, and kung pao beef should be avoided like the plague.

That being said, Green Thai Chile is the exception that proves the rule. This little local gem is an excellent destination for dining out on a budget. The food is all reasonably priced and has delicious and authentic flavor.

The restaurant is located inconspicuously near the corner of Mississippi and S. Broadway, “inconspicuous” being the key word. Look for the green sign with the yellow letters on the East side of Broadway. It’s a small place, but a nice place. The inside is decorated warmly in the classic, and somewhat cheesy, Asian-American style. There is a heavy use of dragons, jade frog fountains, and the color red. There are plenty of booths and tables and a full bar. It is rarely crowded. In fact, there is rarely anyone else in there. Do not let this scare you. The scarcity of customers has more to do with the obscurity of the setting than anything else. The food is very good. Getting a seat is never a problem and the service is great. Both times that I ate there (once for lunch, once for dinner) I was served by a very friendly woman with a heavy accent and a big smile.

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The food is great. The menu is a mix of Thai and Chinese. When I first noticed this I was weary to order, but my concerns were quickly laid to rest. I have eaten from both sides of the menu and found them equally tasty. While it is primarily a Thai restaurant, they serve Chinese food that is far superior to many of the other places I have tried in this city.

The Pad Kee Mao (drunken noodles) was delicious. Denver is a home to wonderful Thai cuisine. I have tried the Pad Kee Mao at many locations and Thai Green Chile matches up to the best of them. It has a great flavor and the perfect amount of sauce. They don’t make it overly greasy or saucy. It’s just right. The chicken and vegetables were perfectly cooked. I have also tried it with tofu and was very pleased. This is a good place for vegetarians. The tofu was firm and had full of savory. It was not bland at all, as tofu can often be.

On the Chinese side, the kung pao chicken and the vegetable lo mein were both excellent. Like the Thai noodles, they were prepared with maximum flavor and minimum grease. In short, it is all just very good. The price is right as well. Everything on the menu is around $8 for dinner and $6 for lunch. If you go in for their lunch special you also get soup and spring rolls. I have tried the egg drop soup and the Tom Yong Goong. Either is a great choice.

All of their food can be ordered to go if you are in a hurry, or you can grab a booth and take your time. Either way, if you are looking for a casual affordable meal head to Thai Green Chile experience. Whether you want Pad Thai, Szechaun Pork, Panang Curry, or Chicken Lo Mein, you will be happy. 

(303) 722-9968

1156 S. Broadway
Denver, CO 80210

For more info:  Urban Spoon


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