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TH3M! premiere party, what you've been waiting for


Cast of TH3M! Mysnikol Miller, Constance Anderson, Chantel Sings, Bethany Ford, Katana, Elle Richards, Tish Jones

An Xjure Production
The Twin Cities, MN, and Major Metropolitan areas will welcome the newest chapter in the world of Television Entertainment, with the Premiere of TH3M!, as it makes its anticipated debut to the public on November 27th, the most anticipated Friday of the year, Black Friday…this year, not just for the shopping.

From the inveigling mind of creator and writer Tye Green, comes a new series spawn from the inspiration of laughter and casually interlaced with the dramatic elements of a life in moving pictures. TH3M! is a sexy sonnet of fascination following the lives of seven dramatically diverse women on the verge of awakening in their personal daylight, as they strive for success, acceptance, and understanding within, in a world driven by opportunity and fueled by the strength of one’s dreams and dedication.

TH3M! is what happens when a series like Girlfriends overlaps with the sizzle surrounding the infamous L Word meets the comfort and ubiquity of Friends. Marked with the characteristics of fire and ice and certain to captivate the world. TH3M! is the perfect solution to an unanswered desire that burns within audiences everywhere. TH3M! is an awakening heart to a populace finally ready to bring a new era to primetime television.

If you haven’t heard about us, then it’s time you get to know TH3M!

Premiering in the following Cities:
Minneapolis, MN - Seven Ultralounge…………................VIP Cast Premiere/Screening 7pm
St. Paul, MN - Rumours/Innuendo Night Club……………………………… Screening 9pm

“This show’s target audience stretches beyond LGBT, beyond race, beyond class. It brings a realness to television that we have not yet seen. TH3M! is capable of being the next classic.”
-Lisa Norman, Executive Producer, Pocket Hercules

For More Information, or Interviews, Please Contact:
Creator, Tye Green: 952-412-4776 - for show information, and official trailer