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TGI Fridays creates a new fresh look

Sara and Lindsey enjoying a girl's night out at TGI Fridays in Centerville, Ohio by the Dayton Mall.
Sara and Lindsey enjoying a girl's night out at TGI Fridays in Centerville, Ohio by the Dayton Mall.
Photograph taken by Danielle Coots

The Centerville TGI Fridays is taking a new approach to creating an overall great experience for its guests on a daily basis. With a new menu, attitude, vibe and now live bands, TGI Fridays is quickly becoming the new favorite corner hangout.

TGI Fridays: the favorite corner neighborhood bar
Photograph taken by Danielle Coots

“I came for the Mojitos,” said Lindsey from Kettering. “I dig the band, they’re really pretty good.”

“We came because it’s $3 Thursday,” said Mason Martin. “We didn’t know they had a band, but that’s just a plus.”

“This place [TGI Fridays] offers a friendly environment,” said Sarah from Greene County.

Those are just a few comments that were said by the guests during their visit on Thursday night. Thursday night also marked the first live music event. A wonderful mix of music was provided by Reyna Spears and Dana Farley, an acoustic duo. Centerville TGI Fridays will be hosting a live band every Thursday night, along with the $3 drink night.

“The band was really good for two people. They have a lot of songs and put out a lot of sound,” said Greg from Springboro. “I come here about twice a week and the music is a nice change.”

Sometimes the key to a great restaurant is not just what comes out of the kitchen and onto the plate; it’s a mixture between great food, great drinks and an unforgettable atmosphere. The place a person or group hangs out is a reflection of a person’s soul- so why not make your choice of restaurants or bars reflect that image and help add a little flare to it.

Centerville TGI Fridays recently hired a new manager from Texas. Ruben Molina’s energy and enthusiasm bounces from wall to wall that delights the staff and guests. He can be seen darting through tables running food, greeting guests and high-fiving the staff. His dream is to create a neighborhood favorite meeting place.

Consider these TGI Fridays favorites during your next visit:

*Hibachi Beef Skewers- two pieces of tender, juicy, hot and spicy beef skewed together with tender vegetables.

*Fried Mozzarella- six lightly breaded, warm and gooey chunks of cheese served with a sweet and tangy tomato sauce.


* Jack Daniel’s Black Angus Sirloin and Half-Rack Ribs- enjoy a delicious combination of a Jack Daniel’s sauce mixed smothered on two pieces of superior cuts of meat fire-grilled to perfection. Served with two sides, this dish is a popular favorite.

* Jack Daniel’s Salmon and Grilled Shrimp- lavish a large portion of Norwegian Salmon caramelized with a light Jack Daniel’s glaze and accompanied with skewered jumbo shrimp that is so delicious it leaves you craving for more. Served with two sides, this is a great dish for those who want something on the lighter side.


* Hendrick’s Cooler- it may not be summer yet, but this drink will have you thinking of a nice hot summer day on the beach. Its creative blend of citrus and cucumbers creates an unforgettable, refreshing treat.


* Tennessee Whiskey Cake- also in the “Jack Daniel’s” family, this delicious end to a great meal is a real treat, enough for two to share. Enjoy a moist toffee cake base topped with pecans, creamy ice cream and a sweet, thick butterscotch sauce served in an iron skillet.

Check out the website for daily specials and offers. For more information, contact Ruben Molina at (937) 439-3743.

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