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TFF 2014: ‘Midnight’ section of horror films and more

The plan was to head to this year’s Tribeca Film Festival but it looks like we are still about a year away from attending. That’s ok as the upcoming trip to HorrorHound Weekend is close in view, followed by Wizard World and Texas Frightmare we have more than enough in store for you. That doesn’t mean we still can’t tell you about the awesome selection of dark and horror themed films in the Midnight section. The Tribeca Film Festival will run from April 16th - April 27th in New York City. The list of films in their Spotlight and Storyscapes sections have also been booked but we are here to focus on the darker things. There are 7 great films showing at this years TFF plus a special screening of Tsai Ming Liang’s Journey To The West. Which we suggest if you get a chance to attend you do so. Now on to the Midnight section.

TFF 2014
"This years Midnight section for TFF."
Tribeca Film Festival

The Canal*

The first entry of the midnight section is the irish horror from director Ivan Kavanagh The Canal. It is about a family that is torn apart after a film reel shows that their house is the site of multiple murders. Soon secrets start to draw them further apart as the house begins to consume them from the spirits of the past. Dripping with tension and chilling to the core, this visceral Irish ghost story is a visually arresting and genuinely shocking journey into the darkness within.

Der Samurai**

This German samurai tale? Is a about a sword wielding white dressed vagabond taking the heads off unsuspecting villagers in rural East Germany. Some kind of romance ensues between the samurai and a patrolman. Their love is both forbidden and deadly. That seems to be the understanding of the film but we have the trailer for you anyway!


This is a return to the Tribeca Film Festival for the Vicious Brothers (Grave Encounters) this time with director Colin Minihan. They bring to us the alien induced tale about a group of five friends headed for a weekend getaway. They investigate a crash and find some not so friendly aliens waiting on them. Who's ready for some Chronicle abductions? BTW if this film sounds unfamiliar it’s because the original title for it was The Visitors.


How could there not be a chupacabra tale at this years TFF. Directed by Alastair Orr (Expiration) this film reminds us a little bit of Turistas except with a killer south american legendary monster on the loose. Is the chupacabra real? What happen to the young lady who leads the American’s on a trio they will never forget? Guess we'll find out in Indigenous.


This coming of age tale about a fifth grade senior it’s a mock inspirational sports movie that looks to become the Rudy of intramural films. It’s the lighter film of the bunch but sounds pretty entertaining.


What starts off as a hunting trip to escape the problems at home becomes a nightmare once their gear is stolen. As the family members turn on each other they find out they are not alone in the woods. The film is directed by Christopher Denham.


The official midnight selection of TFF’s Midnight section is the B-movie creature flick Zombeavers. It’s boobs, blood,and gore in a film about zombie beavers killing a bunch of campers. It’s a great addition to the festival and with it’s 2 million views of Zombeavers trailer in 2 weeks this is a must see film at the event.

We will try to get out hands on as many of these films as we can to review. Be on the lookout for more coverage of the this year's Tribeca Film Festival.

*World Premiere

**International Premiere

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