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Teyana Taylor feud with LaShontae Heckard heats up

Feeling a bit scorned, Taylor trashes her former friend on social media.
Feeling a bit scorned, Taylor trashes her former friend on social media.
Teyana Taylor/Instagram

There is quite a feud brewing between former friends Teyana Taylor and Tae Heckard. Ever since Teyana found out about the relationship between Tae and Brandon Jennings, she's been a bit upset. Taylor has said she isn't even mad at Jennings but that Tae Heckard was her friend and friends don't date each other's ex. Now Tae is saying the women were never friends while Teyana releases text message proof according to Bossip on Monday.

One of the most basic rules in friend code is to never date your friend's ex. Seriously, that is the fastest way to end a friendship and the newly brewing feud between Teyana Taylor and Tae Heckard is proof .

Brandon Jennings, who plays basketball for the Detroit Pistons, recently went public with Tae Heckard. He even went so far as to name her his first public relationship. That upset ex Teyana Taylor because she feels he is minimizing what they had together.

Teyana and Brandon Jennings had an on-again, off-again relationship for years. According to Teyana, the two were even engaged. She admitted in a recent interview with The Breakfast Club that Brandon Jennings took her virginity and she hasn't been with anyone since. Taylor insists she also was engaged to Jennings before she chose to break off the engagement saying the two made better friends.

So why is the "Google Me" rapper so upset? She dumped Brandon, not the other way around. She says it's all because Tae was her friend.

Now Tae Heckard of "The Game" has responded to Teyana saying the two were never friends. She even took to Instagram and posted one of those text-grams that said:

"2 club encounters, 2 industry birthday parties, 1 yacht party, 2 miscellaneous phone calls, 2 club photos, a follow on social media and a pair of kicks u sent my best friend to give to me to post in Instagram to boost sales in 5 years does not constitute a friendship. Period.[sic]"

Well Teyana Taylor was definitely not happy about that so she took to Instagram and did the famous post then delete. Apparently she also hasn't learned that the messages will be copied before she deletes them no matter how fast she moves. That's just the way social media works with celebrities.

Teyana's message included screen shots of text conversations between herself and Tae Heckard. The texts, if authentic, definitely tell a different story of friendship. One of them even says, "U have been my baby since you were 17[sic]" and is supposedly from Tae to Teyana. Not friends huh?

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