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June and Flora
The Real Housewives
June and Flora The Real Housewives
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June and Flora

Dear Housewives,

Why is texting taking over our lives? It is dangerous and people do it
while driving. People of all ages are doing it. Am I crazy or are they?


JUNE: First of all, you are not crazy. You are right. Texting has taken
over everyone. Texting while driving is as dangerous as drunken driving.
Aside from the dangers it is rude. I have been in school meetings or
talking with someone while they are looking at their phone constantly
then responding all while we are conversing. People put the phones down
and remember your manners!!!

FLORA: Amen June. People of all ages are looking at their phones
constantly. I am starting to wonder if this is in fact a confidence
issue. People seem to be validated and feel wanted and important by
being in constant contact with others. But are people really developing
relationships this way? I tend to think not...

Texting and driving is so dangerous and so many newly licensed drivers
are doing it. If you are guilty of this-commit to stop the texting and
driving NOW!

Dear Housewives,

There is a huge push for our children to get the Gardasil vaccination as
early as age 9. It claims to not even stop someone from getting all
types of the virus that causes cancer so is it worth it for me to
vaccinate my 10 year old daughter ?

Informed Parents Wanted

FLORA: Why don't families start with their young children and teach them
to value themselves, their bodies and to save the gift of intimacy for
adulthood. That makes much more sense then injecting young girls with 3
doses of a vaccine that was clinically trialled on adult women (very few
teens from what I read). Gardasil in my opinion was a Merck/Political
lobbying backroom deal. How in the world would this drug make it to
market in the manner that it did without someone/group getting paid off.

JUNE: I do not think anyone should any vaccine for their child without
researching it. I feel this drug is too new to have ample long term
facts about it. I also do not think any child needs this at the age of 9
or 10. No kid should be having sex at this age and by the time they are
older, other measures should be pushed considering there are many other
diseases that Gardasil does not protect against. I would vote no as far
as getting this vaccine. This may be a big money maker for the drug
company but I can’t see any reason it is necessary for our kids.

Chit Chat

JUNE: Hi Flora, I am reading a new book right now. It is called “A Lucky
Child, A Memoir of Surviving Auschwitz as a Young Boy by Thomas
Buergenthal. This is a heart wrenching account of a young child in the
middle of one of the most horrible atrocities of man, the extermination
of the Jews in Germany. There is so much sadness in this book but it is
also a story of hope and survival as well as luck. I would recommend
this book.

FLORA: Hi June! Your book pick reminds me of a spring read of
mine..."Man's Search for Meaning" by Viktor Frankl. Every high schooler
should read it so people are reminded of what happened in that dark
chapter of history. I read "Making Rounds with Oscar" by Dr. David Dosa
. Oscar is a cat that has a special way of detecting when someone is
near the end of their life. He lives on a dementia unit in Rhode Island.
The book tells much more than a cat story....It touches on family, end
of live care and relationships. I loved it!!

If I don't finish "Gone With the Wind" anytime soon, I will scream....I
can't seem to flow with it, yet I am enjoying it. Perhaps it is the size
of the book that is so daunting..."The Help" by Kathryn Stockett came
highly recommended and rightfully so! It was a fast moving, well-written
novel that takes place in Mississippi in the 1960's on the cusp of the
Civil Rights Movement. The three main characters are two black maids and
a white college grad. Get a copy, sit back and enter into a time not too
long ago. You will feel as though you and the characters are friends and
the story will stay with you long after you finish it!


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