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Texting for love

drinking in some love
drinking in some love
photo by Emily Kirkendoll

With so many technological advances in our world today it seems everywhere I turn young faces all over Kansas City are buried in their gadgets sending message after message to friends loved ones family members and even employers.  Texting has made getting to know someone easier than ever.  From online dating to strangers at the bar and the hunky best man at your cousin's wedding, slipping someone your number just doesn't mean what it used to. Forget the old connotations of passing it out and accepting it from others.  It's not a written contract to date someone but a casual nod at easy conversation.  Before texting became so popular giving out your number was reserved for serious inquiries only.  Now, texting is a fun and (with the right messaging plan) limitless way to get to know someone without having to actually talk to them.

There is a largely based opinion that texting is cold and impersonal.  Whatever your belief be, you have to admit that it is convenient. So, where does all of this come into play with dating and love?  Texting can be your best friend or your worst enemy.  Virtual love notes have replaced the old standby of sticky note "I love you" and the media is full of examples of ways that celebrities and average people alike have gotten caught up in a texting fire storm.  To stay safe from joining the shameful ranks of those caught in textual love triangles keep your messages for your special someone only.  With Valentines Day right around the corner a few inbox sweet nothings could be just what your relationship needs.

If you're a busy couple as most are with work and life and social occasions, too often the romantic flame gets blown out by the winds of adulthood.  Forgetting to keep the spice alive and the love growing can be fatal to any relationship no matter how long lasting it has been.  This Valentines Day try sending some "I'm thinking about you" texts to let the special someone in your life know they are on your mind.  Small gestures like this can really make your partner feel special and more importantly cherished.

For all of those singles out there in Kansas City, don't be afraid to approach someone new.  Go to your local favorite spots to meet someone with similar interests and definitely use texting for an easy ice breaker. Even before an official first date, use this tool to get information about their likes, dislikes and similar interests. This way you will know if a date is worth the time or help you have some great things to talk about when you do finally meet up.  Texting opens a faceless gateway through which you can silently but effectively be yourself. You can really think about what you want to say and how you would like to portray yourself.  When you're face to face on a date with someone, especially the first date, it's easy to freeze up or be overwhelmed by nerves.  Try feeling out the chemistry by having a little fun while you're chatting back and forth via text.  Keep it light at first so as to not come off desperate and then once you're sure this is someone you want to get to know, suggest a place to have a casual and comfortable date. Kansas City is full of wonderful (and free) things to do on a pressure-less date. The Nelson Atkins Museum is free of admission (except for some special exhibits) and can provide hours of mellow conversation with wall to wall topics. 

Lastly, text responsibly. The great thing about messaging for love is that it opens your conversations up to honesty and well thought out responses.  Don't waste your media minutes texting someone what you think they want to read. It's all about you and your genuine happiness in 2010.  Let the real you shine right through your tiny flip keyboard!