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Texting and Dating

In today's times mostly everyone texts. While it could be fun in a relationship it is nice to hear a voice, the old fashion way.

Guys often hide behind texting. They might ask a girl out over text because they are afraid of rejection. If they do it in person and she says no they will be humiliated. If she says no over text he could forget about it and never have to see her again.

They are leading a secret life. They could have a girlfriend or maybe are even married. They don't want their girlfriend finding out so they will text you now and then. That cute text you got, don't get too excited he might be texting other girls it as well.

If you started dating a guy and all he wants to do is text tell him to call you. Texting is okay every once in awhile but an everyday thing is not okay. If he gets nervous or refuses to ever speak on the phone then you know something is up. A guy who cares for you will want to call you and see you in person. When a guy is all about text he is up to something shady.

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