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Text Message to Voters: “TTBO”

A Capitol Guide Service employee leads a group of tourists at the U.S. Capitol
A Capitol Guide Service employee leads a group of tourists at the U.S. Capitol
Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

The 113th Congress went on a 5-week paid vacation after accomplishing nothing in Washington. Constituents all over the country should send text messages to everyone on their social media connection that goes like this: “Throw Those Bums Out” in the next election cycle and send a text to their representatives not to come back from vacation after Labor Day because they did not do any labor.

They will text you back, if you get their attention, and tell you that it is a working vacation. That means they will be busy raising money for the next election cycle. They will be wooing rich donors and corporate “persons” promising to use their influence to pass laws for their private benefits and causes, and the public at large be damn. Attend their town hall meeting and insist on accountability and transparency. Challenge their empty promises.

Our Constitutional Republic is cracking.

The U.S. Constitution created Congress to serve the common needs of the citizens of the incorporated states, insisting on transparency and no conflicts-of-interests. These requirements are clearly being lost. The founding fathers, fresh from revolting against a monarchy, added in Section 9 that “No Title of Nobility shall be granted by the United States”. Today, the super rich and corporate “persons” are treated no less by Congress as royalty to be loyally served and catered to for their every need lest they want to lose elections.

The job of being a congressional representative has become a lucrative career rather that a noble public service and it is not easy to see whose interest they are really serving. Time to show them who is the real boss. Employees not doing the job should be replaced.

Throw the Bums out!

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