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Text book cases of YouTube cartoons

Use YouTube cartoons to enhance the college experience
Use YouTube cartoons to enhance the college experience

Dear College Freshmen of 2013,

Welcome to higher education! To celebrate admission, the LA Animation Examiner chronicles five YouTube channels featuring cartoon shorts for your demographic. This is important, because universities are tedious without animated ways to unwind. If the items below are common knowledge for you and your classmates, then please share the information with those who are less enlightened.

1) ShutUp! Cartoons - These chuckles are courtesy of the young millionaire rascals from live action web outlet Smosh, namely Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla. The guys maintain several YouTube channels, but ShutUp! caters to cartoons exclusively. Notable series include Smosh Babies, Samurai Daycare, and Pubertina.

2) All Def Digital (ADD) - This is the latest venture of hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons and his business partner Brian Robbins. ADD addresses admirers of mostly edgy, live-action urban entertainment, particularly comedy, music, and spoken word poetry. However, ADD currently features promos for two upcoming animated series (B-Rock, Counterfit). In addition, one animated music video appears in its entirety (Asher Roth's Apples and Bananas). Insider talk suggests that even more adult cartoon fare is imminent. In view of recent public outcry, it is probably safe to assume that none of this naughtiness relates to Harriet Tubman.

3) ADHD - Not to be confused with Russell Simmons' ADD, ADHD is indisputably Fox's Animation Domination High-Def. This is the Internet companion to Fox TV network's Saturday late night cartoon block. New videos post online every Monday. Channel highlights include Axe Cop, High School USA! Pug Lord, and Scientifically Accurate.

4) MondoMedia - MondoMedia is the grand pappy of irreverent online animation. It also is the proud home of Happy Tree Friends. The network boasts over a billion views and is a consortium for even more cheeky featured channels (29, to be exact) under its mondo MondoMedia umbrella. For example, the Titmouse/6 Point Harness (LA-based animation studios) joint venture Rug Burn lives here too. On September 17, Mondo will premiere the Dick Figures animated movie, downloadable for $4.99. Pre-order your rental today!

5) Cartoon Hangover - From the folks behind Adventure Time and The Fairly OddParents, here come cartoons unsuitable for children! Cartoon Hangover flaunts the titles Bravest Warriors, Bee and PuppyCat, and SuperF***ers.

YouTube issues its for mature audiences disclaimer on some of the above yummies. In these cases, mature is not synonymous with cultured. Please enjoy in the intended spirit, College Freshmen! Best of luck with your advanced studies!

The LA Animation Examiner

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