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Texas Yoga Conference 2014 by Joe Sioufi

Texas Yoga Conference 2014
Texas Yoga Conference 2014
Texas Yoga Conference

Article by Joe Sioufi - Founded in 2009 by the founder of Breathe the Cure, Inc., Jenny Buergermeister, who organized the annual event with local studios in Houston and support from all over the state.

Going into its fifth year, The Texas Yoga Conference brings some of the best yoga teachers and motivational speakers to Houston, offering a city retreat full of presentations, yoga classes for all levels, lectures and fun music concerts during three complete days in Houston. In 2014 the event’s theme is Bhakti, the practice of devotion, and supports the art community.

The kick-off on Thursday night is sponsored with a goal setting extravaganza -Rock Your Bliss with Superstar Jacki Carr.

They did chose the Houston's Cultural Art's District in the Upper Washington area to host their event in order to support local artists, the vision for Houston's Art District by leaders such as Jon Deal at Silver Street Studios, Spring Street Studios and Winter Street Studios.

Of course they do include yoga as an art form and healthy way of life in honor of Texas as a diverse and multi-cultural state.

The three-day agenda features prestigious presenters as well as practical sessions, music and interesting workshops. The list of presenters includes Hawah, Bhakti House Band, Aaron Lind, Catherine Allen, Ann Hyde, Robert Boustany, The Rippys, Jennifer Buergermeister, Catherine Allen, Rebecca Butler, Eric Shaw, Donna DeLory, Hemalayaa Behl, The Mayapuris, David Magone, Gary Kissiah, Kurt Johnsen, Girish, Karina Virginia, Henry Richardson, Matt Venuti, Billie Gollnick, Emancipated Soul Movement, Ganesh Express, Aaron Hermes, Nancy Sheridan, Laura Calcaterra, and more of our amazing Texas locals from all over the state plus many more presenters from across the USA.

Their Mission:

Breathe the Cure (Breathecure), a non-profit organization, educates adults and youth through educational materials, workshops, classes and trainings of the benefits of breathing techniques, meditation, and yoga as preventative and complementary treatment of cancer and other diseases often caused by stress. Our programs also provide support and mentor-ship to adults and children regardless of their ethnic, cultural or socioeconomic background, fostering community as a whole.

Jan. 31 till Feb 02, 2014

Silver Street Studios
2000 Edwards St
Houston, TX 77007

Joe Sioufi