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Texas would 'meet force with force,' Berman says

State Rep. Leo Berman
State Rep. Leo Berman
Official Photo

Texas might not be seceding any time soon, but any attempt to use force to push Obamacare or other unconstitutional federal legislation or regulations should be met with force, one of the state’s leading Republican legislators told a conservative talk-show host Saturday.
State Rep. Leo Berman (R-Tyler) has introduced legislation at the state level to nullify the federal health-care legislation passed last year – including a provision for fining or even imprisoning anyone who tries to enforce it in the state. Speaking with host Chip Darby on “The Final Chapter” on radio station KSET (1300 AM) Saturday, he said that if the government were to try strong-arm tactics to implement the federal health-care legislation, force would be met with force similar to the .
“If they don’t back down, we meet force with force,” Berman said – quickly adding that he doesn’t think things will ever come to that. “I don’t think President Obama is going to use force with any of the states. I really don’t. I think this is going to be a court thing.
“The easiest thing to happen here of course is for the United States Congress, the House of Representatives, to de-fund the bill. People won’t come here to enforce the bill if they’re not going to get paid, so that’s the easiest way to do it. But if we have to, we’ll fight.
Berman said the health-care legislation, known popularly as “Obamacare,” was unconstitutional from the get-go.
“Obamacare is probably one of the worst bill ever put out by the United States Congress, and the President just forced it down our throats,” Berman told Darby. “It’s not a health care bill, it’s nothing more than a means of taking control of two-thirds of the economy of this country and I think everybody knows that … it’s unconstitutional because it tells Americans what they have to buy. If they can tell us to buy health care this year, next year they can tell us you must buy a Chevrolet or you must buy a Ford.”
Berman said the costs associated with Obamacare would cripple the Texas economy, partly because the state would be forced to foot the medical bill for criminals.
“Well here in Texas, if we have to go through with Obamacare, one of the things in the bill says that we have to put two and a half million illegal aliens on Medicaid at a cost of some $27 billion over 10 years,” Berman said. “In fact, I even put a penalty clause in the bill, it says that if anyone comes in from the federal government and tries to implement Obamacare here in Texas, they’re going to be fined, or they could even be jailed.”
He told Darby he expects any federal challenge to his bill (HB 297) to be primarily a legal one.
“The federal government is going to fight us all the way on this, they’ll probably file suit against us and file suit against our nullification bill just like they did in Arizona,” he said.
Darby observed that federal government intrusion didn’t begin with the current administration, and that many Republicans in Congress have in the past sponsored or supported legislation which has chipped away from the Constitutional rights of Americans.
“Rick Perry made mention that if the feds keep up with their policies that Texas might have to go it alone or secede,” Darby asked. “If your constituents wanted to secede, would you support it?
“Of course I would support it, but I don’t think there’s any chance of secession, you know I like to do things that can be done really, in reality, and I don’t think that secession is one of those things,” Berman said. “I think we’re just about finished with Mr. Obama, he’s got two years left, he doesn’t have the Congress any more, I don’t think we’re going to have to worry about secession because he’s going to be gone.”
Darby then asked Berman if he would support a non-binding referendum on the subject of independence being brought before the voters.
“Not quite yet,” Berman said, adding that the current Legislature will be extremely busy attempting to balance the budget without raising taxes, tackling Congressional redistricting and other key issues.


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