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Texas vet claims he was 'too busy' to euthanize dog

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According to Saturday's publication of Reuters, the Fort Worth, Texas, veterinarian who has been accused of keeping a dog alive in order to utilize the dog's blood, has stated that he was "too busy" to euthanize the dog as requested.

Millard "Lou" Tierce, 71, of the Camp Bowie Animal Clinic, was arrested after a dog that he was supposed to have euthanized months ago, was discovered alive. The dog, a five-year-old Leonberger named "Sid," had been kept alive for months and was allegedly used for blood transfusions.

At a hearing in front of the Texas State Veterinary Board of Medical Examiners, Tierce explained that he did not have a large enough freezer to put the dog's body in and that he was "too busy" to bury the dog on his ranch property. He also claimed that he is a "changed man" and, moving forward, he will euthanize dogs when requested by their owners.

According to NBC DFW News, Sid's guardians, Jamie and Marian Harris, have filed a $1 million lawsuit against Tierce for Sid's veterinary care, and their own pain and suffering.

The couple claims that they took Sid to another veterinarian after they freed him from Tierce's clinic; that veterinarian advised them that their dog had been "abusively kenneled," during his months of being secretly kept alive. The kenneling is said to have caused Sid to develop atrophied leg muscles and stress-induced mange.

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