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Texas truancy charges dropped

A balance scale has long been a symbol of justice.
A balance scale has long been a symbol of justice.

Last December, a fellow Texan took her son out of her local ISD.  In accordance with Texas Homeschool law, she sent a letter of her intent to begin homeschooling him to the public school.  Soon after she "received a request from the school to appear in person, sign withdrawal paperwork and submit a copy of her driver’s license." Since she was aware this isn't required by law, she didn't do it.

Then, the ISD sent her forms to fill out that outlined her education plan, but again she didn't comply. To top it all off, she "received a summons to appear in court for truancy and discovered that the public school had not withdrawn her son but had been marking him absent!" She was, thankfully, a member of the Home School Legal Defense Association, and when she contacted them, HSLDA’s Texas attorney, a man named Tom Sanders, contacted the courts until they dropped the case.

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