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Texas Trilogy- from Texas to Scotland and back

inspirational action thriller
inspirational action thriller
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My Heart Dies with You, the romantic, action, Texas trilogy is still on schedule for April 2015 for start of its principal photography.

Back in January of this year, others familiar with the project encouraged Texas writer, director and producer Sir Michael Walters to take another look at this project. After reviewing the short My Heart Dies Silently, which was shot back in the summer of 2012 as a concept test for My Heart Dies With You movies, Walters found the inspiration to return to the script and to explore some of the concepts he had for a trilogy.

Michael states, “That was when my decades of directing experience kicked in and that is when I realized that in order to film a trilogy I had to eliminate the risks of loss of continuity with the actors, coming back to shoot the second or third feature with a different look, or even the possibility of a lead actor unable to return to complete the trilogy. Thats when I decided I had to literally shoot the trilogy back to back, and actually overlap the shooting schedule, and even in some cases shoot three scripts in the same location! So I focused on writing the second and third stories. Amazingly the story took on a whole new life, and the writing flowed. And by the end of March I had the first drafts of all three feature scripts completed. In some cases the writing was enabled by casting specific actors for specific roles For instance I envisioned this precocious ten year old Scottish girl named, “Maggie McKendrick, who in her character creates a mystery. I could see Gracie Whitton fit perfectly for this role, so I asked if she would be attached. I also reached out to actors Landon Brooks and Major Dodson early on. By attaching such actors as these, the visualization helped me as the writer bring more character into the characters.”

Each of the three My Heart Dies With You stories has its own title. The first installment is titled, Hearts Race, the second is Hearts Journey and the third is Hearts at War. Each story continues the saga and explores living one's life amidst your own despair pain and grief by extending the often selfish boundaries we create to protect ourselves and reach out to express our love to others in their time of great need. Walters went on to say “Its a story that needs to be told in this day and age, where we are becoming more and more self-centered as a society.This is a story of faith, of purpose, a story anyone can relate to. And built into an romantic action theme, I believe will be greatly received by audiences when the trilogy is released."

The principal photography will begin in April, although certain scenes may be shot prior if these can be coordinated. The first locations will be in the Galveston and Houston area, with some locations shot in Shreveport including the water tank facility there. Walters and his staff are also looking into Florida for filming some of the beach scenes where they desire a pristine beach. Then in July they are planning to be in Scotland to film the remainder of Hearts Journey which is where the story takes place. They already have most of the locations scouted there.

Walters said in his final comments, “There is also a possible fourth installment on which the writing has already begun that takes place in a later stage in the central character's life. We will reveal more of that story line as it develops, but it will be nice to explore a romantic story from a senior's perspective and continue on the saga.”

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