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Texas to host first Patriots Rally for Freedom


Ordinary everyday working class come together via the power of social media to rally in Martindale Texas just outside of San Marcos and between Austin and San Antonio, as patriots with deep concern for their country and the will to get up and do something about it.

Unlike many on social media who rant and point fingers of blame, Kate, Linda, and Gary came together to form, Patriots Rally for Freedom. They live in three different states yet they know they are members of the larger united family called the American Family. They came together as Americans’ devoid of their diversities in their everyday lives. They have only one goal of uniting Americans’ devoid of party, race, creed, status, or any other fabricated distraction aimed at keeping citizens divided. The fruits of their efforts come together March 15, 2014 at the Cool River Ranch in Martindale Texas.

Patriots Rally for Freedom has partnered with several organizations to further spread the word of unity in attending the rally. Some of these groups include; Patriots4America, AMAC, South Texas Alliance for Progress, NAGRA, and Texas Leadership Coalition. These groups and the army of patriots on Twitter and FaceBook are working hard to spread the word to ensure a great success in Martindale that result in the powers that be hearing the will of the people.

The rally is also an educational conference with many forums and meetings to discuss the State of Our Union listen to music and eat. A large roster of speakers will spark thought, passion, and hopefully action amongst the participants. The speakers bring to the rally their own views and observation formulated by their experiences and will share them with the attendees to highlight and stress the need to abandon the conventional indoctrinated thinking of being stereotyped by, party, creed, color, or class. The goal of the rally is simple; just bring together people under one family of, “We the People.” It is also the rally’s goal to raise awareness of the importance of Texas’s 38 electoral votes and the importance of uniting Texans to keep Texas Red. And to base this family in strong moral principles of right and wrong and not some sub hyphenated diluted American group.

Performing in the evening are Krista Branch (Nashville recording artist and American Idol Contestant) and Project Hayseed who bring their music with a patriotic flavor to the event. The roster of speakers include at this time; Alyssa Krumm, Andy Mangione, Candice Lanier, Derrick Wilburn, Dwayne Stovall, Elaine Hays, George Rodriguez, Jason Ravnsborg, Jeff Rakestraw, John Barges, J.R. Martin, Katrina Pierson, Ken Crow, Dr. Kristin Held, Lee Jackson, Maria Espinosa, Mitchell W. Mason, Lt. Col. Roy White, Stacy Rush and Wayne Dupree.

This rally is a great event with even greater ramifications and should be attended by all patriots who not only love their country but want skin in the game by attending a rally to send a message To Whom It May Concern that we are aware, awake, and alert. That we want to restore America to the greatness we not so long ago realized via the framework establish by our founders.

They hope to see all of you in Martindale on March 15th to what promises to be the first of many rallies and family reunions of the, “We the People,” family of American Patriots.

The family friendly event is free to the public with $10 parking. BBQ and snacks are available for purchase. Gates open at 9 am. Sponsor opportunities are on the website, and Donations of any amount are appreciated. You can get more information or to see their press release at:

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