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Texas teens charged with killing dog and cats in horrible satanic rituals

Both suspects have allegedly confessed to the satanic killing of the pets.
Both suspects have allegedly confessed to the satanic killing of the pets.
Nacogdoches County Sheriff's Office

The Nacogdoches County Sheriff's Office arrested two teens on Wednesday and charged them with felony animal cruelty for allegedly killing a dog, a cat, and three kittens in a "cult style manner" reported

Authorities had been investigating reports of missing pets near County Road 769.

Arrested were Mark Ainsworth, 17, and Delaney Walters, 18; the teens have been charged with five counts of animal cruelty.

A press release from the Nacogdoches County Sheriff's Office stated an eight-year-old Australian cattle dog was found tied to a tree and had been skinned. A cat and three kittens were described as being tortured and killed in a satanic manner.

The dog had been a precious member of a nearby family.

According to Sheriff Jason Bridges:

"The animal went through a lot of torture. It was skinned. Some of the parts were removed. We all love animals. We all love him and they weigh heavy on our hearts and to see what these animals went through and the way they were tortured is sad. "

Ainsworth and Walters have allegedly admitted to the heinous crimes. Their Facebook pages show various satanic symbols. One of the suspects had videos and photographs of the evil deeds.

Rest in peace sweet, innocent animals. How you must have suffered.

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