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Texas teen survives mass murder spree; her tips help capture Ron Lee Haskell

Police were able to capture a mass murderer thanks to the help of one of his victims. A 15-year-old girl survived being shot in the head and identified Ron Lee Haskell, 34, as the shooter. Haskell held police at bay during a tense standoff for several hours, but finally surrendered without further incident about 10:00 p.m. Wednesday. Authorities credit the brave teen with saving her grandparents’ lives because she tipped them off that Haskell was on his way to kill them next.

According to the girl, the lone survivor of the slaughter, she didn’t recognize Haskell at first. He showed up at her home in Houston, Texas, on Wednesday afternoon disguised as a Fed-Ex delivery man. He asked for her parents and left when she told him they were not at home. A short time later he returned and asked for her parents again, but this time he identified himself. She recognized him as what she termed an “ex-uncle” and tried to shut the door.

Haskell became enraged and kicked his way in. When the rest of the family arrived home, Haskell tied them all up and placed them face down on the floor. He demanded to know where his wife was, but according to the teen, Haskell snapped because they did not know her whereabouts. He shot each of them in the back of the head and fled the scene. The bullet meant to kill the teen grazed her skull, but the wound was not fatal.

She pretended to be dead until Haskell left the home. She then managed to free herself and call 911. Harris County police arrived to the horrific scene of six dead bodies including two adults, 39 and 33; two boys, 13 and 4; and two girls, 9 and 7. The girl was alert enough to warn police that Haskell was en route to her grandparents’ home. She was then transported to a local hospital where she is still in critical condition, but hospital officials are optimistic that she will recover.

Authorities caught up with Haskell before he could execute further mayhem. As soon as Haskell noticed they were following him, he led them on a high-speed chase that ended when he turned down a road that led to a cul-de-sac, leaving him no way out. Police used heavy armored vehicles to ram the front and back of Haskell’s vehicle so that he couldn’t move his car.

He sat in the car, holding a gun to his head, until negotiators were able to talk him into surrendering himself. According to Precinct 4 Constable Ron Hickman, “He was in the car for 3½ hours. He was worn down like the rest of us. He came out of the car without resistance.” Assistant Chief Deputy Constable Mark Herman, also of Harris County Precinct 4, said, “It appears this stems from a domestic issue with a breakup in the family from what our witness has told us.”

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