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Texas teen found dead in hotel room after her high school prom

Police have no firm cause of death, but believe that alcohol and prescription painkillers were involved.
Police have no firm cause of death, but believe that alcohol and prescription painkillers were involved.
Twitter via Mail Online

On May 18, homicide police in north Houston are still investigating the death of a high school senior found dead in a Hyatt Hotel room yesterday morning following her MacArthur High School prom. The deceased has been identified as 17-year-old Jacqueline Gomez, a senior at MacArthur High, according to ABC News. Gomez has been described by other news outlets as being 18.

Authorities were contacted by Gomez’s “frantic” boyfriend on Saturday morning when he awoke to find that Gomez wasn’t breathing. Investigators still don’t have a positive cause of death.

Other guests staying at the Hyatt on prom night said that the annual senior event “seemed like any other affair; a celebration and memories made.” Michael Block, who was staying at the Hyatt that night, said that the prom seemed nice. "It put me back to when I was in the 12th grade," the hotel guest said.

Police conjecture that an after party following the prom in Gomez’s room might have gotten out of control. "You can imagine if you have ever attended a high school prom what goes on there," said Det. Mike Miller with HPD homicide. "This is no exception."

When police arrived at Gomez’s hotel room, they found evidence of that after party, including what police referred to as “an indication of alcohol.” Investigators are also looking into the possibility that prescription painkillers may have been involved.

KHOU in Houston reported that police did find alcohol and prescription pain meds in Gomez’s room. Police took Gomez’s boyfriend in for questioning, but “only to shed light on what happened.”

"The boyfriend, at this point, is being completely honest with us and we have no reason to believe that he at all contributed to this death," said Det. Miller. "But in my line of work, you have to be absolutely sure."

Another teen guest staying at the Hyatt Friday night said he could hear partying going on all night in Gomez’s room. "We knocked on the door to see if anything was going on, but they didn't answer," he said.

Another prom for a different local high school was also held at the Hyatt on the same day that Gomez was found dead. Those students, after hearing about Gomez’s death, said that the tragedy would “make them think twice about what they'll do at and after prom.”

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