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Texas teen accused of killing little girl

This teen is accused of murdering his five-year-old cousin
This teen is accused of murdering his five-year-old cousin
Dallas Police Department;Media photo

A five-year-old girl is dead, and her teenage cousin has been charged with her murder. This Monday news report shares that Angel Lizandro Sanches-Zenteno,17, is accused of murdering his little cousin, but the details in this case are still evolving, so not much is known about it at this time. Authorities believe that the teen, who is an undocumented Mexican immigrant, strangled the little girl to death before dumping her body in an abandoned apartment in the same complex where he lived.

The teen has been charged with capital murder and is also on an immigration, while investigators work on putting the pieces together in this case. At this time investigators strongly believe that he is the only one responsible for the death of five-year-old Kathrine Alejanda Gonzalez. Dallas Police Maj. Rob Sherwin said the following:

"We have probable cause to believe strongly that he is responsible for the death of this little girl."

This source reveals that the child wasn't a resident at the apartment complex, but was there with her uncle while her parents were at work. Sunday would have been the child's sixth birthday, as well. All the way around, this was a terrible tragedy that seems to had been impossible to predict and prevent. How could the child's parents even suspect that something like this would happen? Witnesses report hearing the mother scream and cry, and seeing her collapse to the ground when she was given the news of what happened to her little girl. The alleged actions of her own family member ruined multiple lives, but will there be justice?