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Texas Tech needs to send message

Kenny Williams celebrating on the field
Kenny Williams celebrating on the field
Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC) has concluded their investigation of the Depot District bar where two Texas Tech football players were arrested for Credit Card Abuse. It does not appear that the bar did anything wrong and employees followed correct procedures. The TABC found no wrongdoing on the part of the bar, based on the available reports.

That leaves the two football players, Jace Amaro and Kenny Williams, to take the brunt of the blame for what happened last Thursday night and Friday morning. What exactly did happen at the bar that night? It is not clear yet, exactly what happened in terms of whether or not the two players had permission to use the credit card. Although, even if they did have permission, the owner of that card may be a little hesitant to admit that the two players had permission to use the card in the commission of an illegal act.

There a range of opinions about the incident from people who want these men (they are adults) held responsible for their actions to the local media people who say it is no big deal and seek to condone what Amaro and Williams did. No doubt, most Lubbock sports media people will take the same tact that many of the on-air personalities at Lubbock FM All Sports Station (104.3) have taken. They say they do not condone anything the players might have done but then the talking heads will launch into an explanation of how all college kids do this. They will say it is no big deal and immediately ridicule anyone who suggests that not everyone that goes to college acts this way.

So what do we know about the events surrounding this incident? Here is what almost everyone will agree happened. Everyone can agree that at least two nineteen year old football players were out until at least two o’clock in the morning on a school night. Everyone can also agree that one of these two players had an altered drivers license. The players bought alcohol even though they were both under age. Everyone can agree that this alcohol was purchased, or at least a purchase was attempted, using a credit card that did not belong to either one of them.

Let’s say, just for the sake of argument, that the players had permission to use this card. That still leaves Texas Tech with two players who intentionally broke the law. Some in the media have said that should be over looked since it was a spur of the moment thing. But it was not a spur of the moment decision. One of the players had an altered form or identification. That shows premeditated intent. Is that sort of conduct something that Texas Tech is willing to accept from its student athletes?

There used to be a sign outside the head coach’s office that said, “you are coaching it or you are allowing it”, or something to that effect. The question for Coach Tuberville is whether or not he is going to allow it. Does this sort of thing happen at other schools like Texas and Baylor? Yes, it does and many Red Raider fans have criticized other schools for allowing athletes to get away it. Texas Tech needs to be better than that.

Coach Tuberville needs to send a message to any current or future Red Raiders that certain things will not be tolerated at Texas Tech. Nineteen year olds buying alcohol is one of those things that should not be tolerated by the university. Even if the students do not agree with law, it is still the law.


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