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Texas Tech: crying wolf?

Is Texas Tech crying wolf about their defense?
Is Texas Tech crying wolf about their defense?
Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Another Spring of practice for Texas Tech Football has rolled around and the public is being told the same thing it has been told for the past three springs. The mantra is that the defense is better, more confident, and will be improved this year. Well, the improved part is probably true. It is hard to imagine the defense could be any worse than what Texas Tech put out there last football season.

Two years ago, everyone heard about Tuberville bringing in the 3-4 defense under James Willis. That was supposed to be an awesome, SEC, attacking style defense. Texas Tech was just plain bad on defense in 2010 under Coach Willis. So, last year Texas Tech brought in Chad Glasgow, a hot defensive coach from TCU. Once again everyone heard how much better the Texas Tech defense was going to be. It worked at TCU, it would work at Texas Tech. In 2011, Texas Tech went from being just plain bad on defense to being horrible on defense.

Now 2012 is here and once again Red Raider fans are hearing the mantra of how much better the defense is going to be this year. Even forgetting for a moment that the main person saying this is Don “Baghdad Bob” Williams, Texas Tech fans should wait to see it for themselves against an actual opponent, any opponent. Well, any opponent with the exception of New Mexico. How many times is Texas Tech going to expect fans to fall for the same trick?

Tommy Tuberville is turning into the “coach that cried wolf”. Stop telling the fans how great the defense is going to be. Texas Tech fans saw this defense get steamrolled by Texas last year. Last year’s opponents started to feel like a game against Tech was a day off for their punters. It sounds great for Don Williams to talk about how the Texas Tech defense is winning some of those battles in practice. There is no doubt that is exactly what Kent Hance wants him to say.

The problem is that this defense needs to see an opponent that has the ability to run the ball. Stopping the Texas Tech offense in practice is good, but will not prove much. Texas Tech is not a big power running team. Big 12 teams are going to line up and try to pound the ball down the Red Raider’s throats. That worked last year and until Texas Tech shows that it can stop that type of attack, then no one can really say that this defense is going to be improved. Is it possible that the Texas Tech defense will be much better in 2012? It certainly is. However, Texas Tech has cried wolf too many times to believe it until fans actually see it.


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