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Texas teacher gives student lap dance: Middle school boy slaps her bottom

Felicia Smith, a 42-year-old middle school teacher from Texas, gave her student a lap dance in class for his birthday.
Felicia Smith, a 42-year-old middle school teacher from Texas, gave her student a lap dance in class for his birthday.
KHOU screen shot

A middle school teacher in Texas thought a lap dance would be an appropriate birthday present for one of her students as reported via Houston’s KHOU on Friday. The 42-year-old allegedly sat the 15-year-old down, and as the class looked on she swirled around the boy, placed her head between his legs, and said, “I love you baby.” Now Felicia Smith is charged with having an improper relationship with a child.

So many sardonic questions arise, one of which includes, what kind of class was this, pedophilia lap dance 101? The middle school teacher lap dance isn’t something a dad or anyone should be proud of. This teacher performed what grown men pay money at strip clubs for, an erotic dance to the point of arousal, and the boy in question is still a child.

According to the news report from KHOU, Felicia Smith was the child’s third-period teacher at Stovall Middle School. February 26 was the teenager’s birthday and students allegedly persuaded Smith to give the boy a lap dance as a present. When the male student entered the classroom, his teacher paused, stopped him from chatting with his friends as she removed his journal from his grip. After the student sat at his desk, the middle school teacher then lured him into a seat in the front of the class.

As music filled the room his fellow students urged him to take a seat, and he obliged. His reward was an almost four-minute lap dance from his teacher, which included “full-body contact,” grinding, twerking, and the teacher’s head in his lap. The male student squeezed and slapped Ms. Smith’s bottom, and according to the police report, she gave him one final hug and said, “I love you baby, happy birthday.”

The middle school lap dance was recorded, although authorities won’t state how they became aware of the crime. The video is in the possession of the Aldine Independent School District Police and the Harris County D.A.’s office.

Felicia Smith, the teacher accused of providing the lap dance to her student, admitted her offense, however had “no comment” for the news reporters. She was charged with “engaging in an inappropriate relationship with a student” and given $30,000 bond. Smith has been removed from her teaching position at Stovall Middle School. A former tenant has stated she is currently involved with a 21-year-old former male student.

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