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Texas Tea

Texas tea.
by Donna Scott

What do George Bush I, George Bush II, Matraco and Colorado Mining  have in common? Oil. Texas tea. They have struck it rich. They have hit the mother lode. Where, you might wonder? Haiti, of course. This is why the US has a bogus economic embargo against Haiti, the Western Hemisphere’s poorest country. When ‘Titide’ as the Haitians affectionately called Aristide, told his countrymen whom he served where the resources were, the oil, gold, diamonds, granite, the empires struck back. How dare Aristide expect black Haitians to share in their wealth with white countrymen, how dare he expect America’s oil companies to pay for Haiti’s oil reserve, and deep water ports to store Americas’ crude oil.
“No,” the empire seemed to say, “what we will do is stage a fake departure, when in fact we will kidnap the president. We will then put in out puppet, Preval, and we will make sure Haiti’s elite rich: the bourgeois, Affranci, mulatto and white Haitians keep getting richer.” Folks, it is not enough that less than 1%of Haitians own 60% of Haiti’s wealth. No, they need even more. Why should US corporations pay for the diamonds, the gold, and the granite? It’s better to starve the Haitians out, and practice the new slavery, neo colonialism, that makes developing countries dependant, in debt, and dominated by foreign trade. Haiti’s dilemma is captured in Eduardo Galeanos poem, The Nobodies:
“Fleas dream of buying themselves a dog, nobodies dream of escaping poverty; that one magical day, good luck will suddenly rain down on them—will rain down in buckets. But good luck does not rain down, yesterday, today, tomorrow, or ever. . No matter how hard the nobodies summon it. The nobodies: nobody’s children, owners of nothing. The nobodies: no ones, the no bodied, running like rabbits dying through life, screwed every which way, who are not but could be, who do not speak languages but dialects, who do not have religions but superstitions, who don’t create art but handicrafts, who don’t have culture but folklore, who are not human beings but human resources, who don’t have faces but arms, who do not have names but numbers, who do not appear in the history of the world but the local police blotter, or local paper, the nobodies, who are not worth the bullet that kills them. “
Hiatians are nobodies to the oligarchs. They do not deserve to be paid. What they deserve is a corporate controlled media to spin misinformation and bald faced whoppers about unrest corruption and restivaks. Meanwhile US corporations and blue bloods such as Bush I and II and even Bill Clinton, the white haired granddad who is so called envoy of peace look the other way while 14, 000 -20, 000 innocent Haitians are butchered and murdered in the wake of our puppeteering and lever pulling.
It’s not just oil and gold and diamonds and granite. It’s your skinny jeans ladies. That’s right Levi Strauss uses Group M factories to pay Hiatians bupkis to work in their sweat shops, then they turn around and charge you what $55.00. The whole goal was to benefit from atrocious US embargoes, make the Haitians pay interest on loans they never received, make the folks so poor and hungry they will take the measly pay that will not even feed one person much less a family, then laugh all the way to the bank. The real stinker is that we are all getting bamboozled. We pay for the skinny jeans and the 501’s and the low riders. They have it all figured out. They refuse to pay US workers, and we have no jobs, because they are raking in the dough through bad policies to Haiti.
What is so unnerving about the AID embargo is that it was put in place to dispute the democratic election of cabinet’s members to Aristides. George Bush had the unmitigated gall to question the election when he was selected. But this was all part of the grand illusion. We know Americans will not pay attention; we are too busy wondering how many women had Tiger by the tail.

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