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Texas Sunsets


Two incredible sunsets from my Texas Hill Country back porch.

There is nothing like a fall and winter Texas sunset.  I just had a technician working on my computer from remote comment about my screensaver. He couldn't believe I took it from my back porch.  I was so enamored by the sunset tonight I didn't even grab the camera. It was a ribbon of orange, blue, and pink hues.  I guess after all the rain the last few days maybe our 30 degrees does something to conditions of the sunset. Sometimes I feel so fortunate to witness a different canvas every night.  I'd love to see other sunsets from my readership. I guess the challenge is to see who has the most intriguing, but I think you'd really have to come to Texas to get the real deal.  So, I'm bringing a little bit to you here.  Enjoy.


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