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Texas Sunset video, song, lyrics

Trophy Club, TX - Texas Sunset is the newest song by local indie singer, songwriter, producer Darryl Girard. Texas Sunset is one of those catchy feel-good songs that does not leave it's more conservative Christian audience with listener's remorse. There are no curse words. No sexually suggestive statements. Just honest emotion and elation with a touch of romance that any hardworkin' cowboy or Texas city-slicker can easily relate to.

photo from Texas Sunset video by Darryl Girard
Darryl Girard and Andy Hall

How many times have you driven home after a long days work only to look up at the sky and notice one of the most beautiful sunsets you've ever seen? It's as if God is reminding you that He is still there, in control of it all, by painting a living, moving picture in front of you on the canvas of the sky.

It can elicit a much needed smile along with a new perspective on the day and the much needed restful evening ahead.

With backup vocals by Stephanie Johnson and additional percussion by Mark Shelton, this song is available for download on the store page of for just $1.29. Consider it your good deed for the day to support the local artists who put their time, talent, and hearts on the line with the hope of reaching out to touch you and yours.


There's a time that was made for lovers

It's when the sun goes down

Across the sky picture art's uncovered

It's lighting my home town


Beautiful Texas Sunset

Cloud painted sky

Colorful Texas Sunset

Tells the day good-bye

I'm headed home, my work is done

The cascading rays have just begun

Watching the Texas Sunset

Glowing for everyone.

Verse 2

You and I like to get romantic

And let your hair hang down

If we could fly, touch the sky, fantastic

We'd make it our playground


Canada, Mexico, no matter where I go

It's not the same.

The prairie star's never late, I'm feeling great

As it shines on the plain

Ephesians 4:26,27 - In your anger do not sin. Do not let the sun go down while you are still angry, and do not give the devil a foothold.

(Please share with others, and for those of you who may have wondered: I wanted to introduce you to my brother Darryl - my older brother Darryl.)


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