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Texas National Guard troops, broke and hungry at the border

Texas National Guard, broke and hungry at the border
Texas National Guard, broke and hungry at the border
Disabled American Veteran photo/released

Gov. Rick Perry’s bluster has turned into embarrassment for Texas, as members of the Texas State Guard, deployed earlier this month to the U.S./Mexico border, are broke.

Just two weeks ago, Gov. Perry sent Texas Guard Troops to the border saying they were the “tip of the spear” in the fight against illegals and narco-terrorists flooding into the United States. Today, those same troops, who should be on the front line, are now in the food line at local free food pantries. Some 50 Soldiers in the first wave have already asked for assistance with gas and food.

The National Guard Soldiers who arrived in the Rio Grande Valley on Aug. 11, to augment the Department of Safety, Border Patrol and I.C.E., have found themselves with empty gas tanks, empty pantries, and empty wallets due to a government snafu. Payday isn’t until September 5, almost a full week away.

It’s clear that the Great State of Texas has dropped the ball and left their Soldiers in a humbling predicament. Local food bank operators have stepped up where the government has failed and say they will stay open, even after hours, to assist the troops in any way they can.

These Soldiers are drawn from the Texas Army National Guard, Texas Air National Guard, and the Texas State Guard.

KGBT Action News video here.

Examiner's Note: Gov. Perry's office has challenged the initial report, saying the Texas National Guard only has a record of two troops receiving aid. Here is the full statement, as published by The Wire from Gov. Perry's office:

First, the suggestion that Guardsmen aren’t getting paid is false. They are getting paid on a regular schedule with their first pay day on Sept. 5, then every two weeks after that. Second, based on information provided by the Texas National Guard, two soldiers sought and received assistance through the Family Assistance Coordinator. Family Assistance Coordinators routinely help Guardsmen all across the state with needs they may have, regardless of deployment or duty status. Also, based on information provided by the Guard, they currently have no indication that any Guardsmen received any assistance from the Rio Grande Valley Food Bank.

Governor Perry is confident the Guard stands ready to assist to any Soldier who may need it, regardless of deployment or duty status so they can meet the needs of their family, or the mission they are performing.

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