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Texas SBoE passes resolution limiting mention of Islam in textbooks

Short post, details emerging. Visit this post or this ActBlue site to elect new board members. Via The Texas Freedom Network:

1:08 – Dunbar moves to withdraw her amendment, which called on the board to reject any textbook that advanced a political agenda that would violate the U.S. Constitution. This is classic right-wing nonsense that Islam is an ideology, not a religion. No objection to withdrawal of Dunbar’s amendment.

1:10 – Mavis Knight moves to postpone indefinitely of the resolution. Board member Rick Agosto: This resolution makes the board members look like a bunch of koo-koos, and we are. It’s hard to argue with this one. Knight’s motion fails.

1:14 – Final vote on the original board resolution: 7-6, with all of the board’s far-right members voting as a bloc. We’ll have a statement shortly.

We are preparing a public statement and will release that in the next few minutes.


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