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Texas roof collapse: Roof collapse during celebration at Texas home injures 36

A roof collapse during a religious celebration inside a Texas home on Thursday sent three dozen people to area hospitals, though most were not seriously injured. Over 125 people had gathered inside of an apartment over a detached garage at a suburban Houston-area home in Katy, Texas when the floor above them gave way, trapping the guests under plaster, wood and other debris.

Reports The Associated Press on Thursday via MSN News: “More than a dozen ambulances rushed to the scene shortly after the collapse was reported around 1 p.m. A few people were trapped when the floor above the garage ‘pancaked in,’ though emergency crews were able to pull victims free, Houston Fire Department Capt. Ray Lozano said.”

The front yards of nearby homes were turned into makeshift triage areas, as individuals coming out or rescued from the collapsed building sought immediate treatment.

Neighbor Leticia Sahagun-Rubio lives across the street and saw all sorts of people running around.

“I saw streams of people were just coming out,” she said. “It was just a stream of ambulances. For 30 minutes, you could hear nothing but ambulances.”

Sahagun-Rubio said the couple who lived in the garage apartment – an Indian mom and dad and their older son – advised their neighbors that they planned to hold a religious ceremony at their home “to bless a temple.”

A letter was distributed by the homeowners and said that they planned to hold a religious celebration from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Thursday afternoon, and were expecting about 150 individuals to attend. The gathering was to have music and dancing, which at least one other neighbor confirmed.

“Well I was just in the house behind it and they were playing a bunch of loud music and it sounded like the roof collapsed,” an unnamed neighbor reported.

Explained the Inquisitr:

The event was being held as part of an instillation of idols or a shrine for a Northern Indian religion. The sect is not believed to have any violent ties and is known to be a peaceful group – the celebration had been a calm event until a rotted floor is thought to have given way. Patients have been transported to at least three local hospitals, including Texas Children’s Hospital.

Injuries range from minor cuts and bruises to head lacerations, with only one injury thought to be serious. Eighteen individuals remain hospitalized today.

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