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Texas Revolution sign two time female football gold medalist Jen Welter

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The Texas Revolution of the IFL (Indoor Football League) had a press conference today, January 24, 2014, at Crest Cadillac in Plano, Texas to introduce Jen Welter.

The signing Welter is believed to be the first ever female professional football player that is a non-kicker. At 5’2 -135 lbs, she will be at the Texas Revolution training camp, that starts up in two weeks to play running back. She also has played linebacker in the past as well.

She started her career playing for the Massachusetts Mutiny, where she played for two seasons. In her second season, she was named an All-American. After she moved to the Dallas area, she played for the Dallas Dragons. After one season there, she joined the Dallas Diamonds where she was named an All-American seven times, and has won four World Championships. She also competed in the 2013 World Championship, but unfortunately the Diamonds didn’t win.

In 2010, Welter represent the United States at the International Federation for American Football’s (IFAF) inaugural Women’s World Championship (WWC). Team USA traveled to Stockholm Sweden and won two gold medals.

It is about time to take professional football to the next level, said Welter, and getting girls involved with professional football, whether that is player or a fan. I see it as a great opportunity to raise awareness.

There are so many stories of phenomenal girls who love the game of football and really don’t have another option in terms of playing. It is either play with the boys or don’t play. Truth is, whether or not I should play with the boys is not a question. I don’t think the girls should have to play with the boys. I think girls should have just as much opportunity as boys do, but right now that is just not the reality.

I hope people say “you shouldn’t play with them”, and I was say “OK you give me an option for girls, where we are supported just as much as much, have just as much sponsorship, and paid just as much, and guess what - I will happily go play with the girls." I won two gold metals with the best female players in the world hands down, and you know what the hardest thing was? To come back and nobody really knew what you did. We played football for this country. But I’m sorry - I will say it - just because we didn’t play in our underwear, nobody knew what we did.

We play this game because we love this game, and I am doing this because, I honor and love the game of football. I honestly don’t know if I am the best girl to represent girls playing football, but the opportunity came to me. I owe to the all the girls I played with, to go toe to toe with the guys in training camp if nothing else.

Forget the fact she is a football player, she is also accomplished in the arena of education. Welter has a BS from Boston College (where she rugby player in her Sr. year) in Marketing, her Masters in Sport Psychology and PhD in Psychology from Capella.

You can find out more about the IFL and it’s teams at, as well as the individual team sites as well. Here is a list of the teams, as well as their locations and websites, that will be participating in the 2014 IFL season.

They are…
Texas Revolution - Allen, Texas
Wyoming Cavalry - Casper, Wyoming
Tri-Cities Fever - Kennewick, Washington
Sioux Falls Storm - Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Green Bay Blizzard - Green Bay, Wisconsin
Cedar Rapids Titans - Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Nebraska Danger - Grand Island, Nebraska
Colorado Ice - Ft. Collins, Colorado
Bemidji Axemen - Bemidji, Minnesota

Sonny Clark is the radio voice of the Texas Revolution, as well as the IFL. Sonny also calls football, basketball, and baseball games for the Rowlett Eagles - his local high school. He also hosts “The Couch Potato Sports Show” on BlogTalkRadio.


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