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Texas Rangers, Michael Young able to make amends before retirement

Texas Rangers and Michael Young mend fences
Texas Rangers and Michael Young mend fences
Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

Michael Young was with the Texas Rangers for over a decade and was one of the most beloved players in franchise history. However, his road with the Rangers was rocky and filled with what appeared from the outside to be disrespect by the Rangers' organization. According to ESPN on Feb. 1, when Young retired from baseball yesterday he was able to patch things up with the Rangers.

The problems with Michael Young stretches back over a decade when Young, an all-star shortstop, was asked to change positions and play second base when Alex Rodriguez signed a record-breaking contract with Texas. Young moved and became an all-star at second base.

Then, Texas asked Young to move to third base when they called up prospect Elvis Andrus. Young was not happy about the move since he had become one of the best second basemen in baseball, but he moved anyway.

Then Texas signed Adrian Beltre and asked Michael Young to move again, this time to the designated hitter position. When the Rangers also signed Mike Napoli to play both catcher and designated hitter, it seemed there was no place for Young and he thought about leaving Texas, the only team he ever played for.

He didn't and Texas made it to back-to-back World Series appearances. Finally, in 2013 when more moves were expected, Young agreed to a trade to the Philadelphia Phillies, a team that traded him mid-season to the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Michael Young said he loved playing for both teams but missed his family, who lived in Texas, and chose to retire rather than hit the road for another MLB season. Before doing so, he spoke to Rangers' general manager Jon Daniels and the two men mended fences, allowing Young to retire as a Ranger.

Now, the two sides have a chance to work together in the future as Young said he wouldn't mind returning to baseball in some capacity in the future and Daniels said he wouldn't want Young to work anywhere but Texas. It was a rocky road for the Texas Rangers and Michael Young, but things ended up exactly where they should have.

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