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Texas puppy whose ears were cut off and left for dead recuperating at rescue

Dr. Craig examining Spirit of Hope. The puppy was also diagnosed with a heart murmur which will have to be monitored as she matures.
Baby Dog Rescue

The two-month-old golden and white pit bull puppy with the playful personality and constantly wagging tail is recuperating at the Broaddus area Baby Dog Rescue after almost dying from loss of blood and dehydration late last week when Animal Control officers found her in a creek bed in Lufkin. Someone had cut off the puppy's ears and had done such a "botch" job, decided to just throw her away like yesterday's trash.

The Kurth Memorial Animal Control officers rushed the puppy, who was too weak to even stand, to their veterinarian who applied antibiotics, and a topical ointment to her ears as well as giving her pain medication. That night a kind employee kept the puppy at her home to administer the medications.

And then came Baby Dog Rescue. On the organization's Facebook page, the introduction to the puppy went something like this:

"As I entered the kennel to meet her, I expected her to be afraid of me, to even run from me, but the total opposite happened! She came running up to me, ready to love and play! She seemed to know she was safe, that NO ONE would ever hurt her again, that everyone involved with her rescue, loved and cherished her, as it SHOULD BE! AS IT IS!"

On Monday, the puppy, now named Spirit of Hope was taken to the Lone Star Vet Clinic where the damage to her ears was assessed by Dr. Craig:

"Doc Craig examined her ears, (what was left of them,) and explained that there is not enough tissue to "fix" her right ear. There is only cartilage, and our only hope of "keeping" what ear she has left is to keep it clean, and infection free, and pray that tissue granulates over what is left, to form a scar. If it gets infected, and he has to do surgery, all she will have left is a hole. Her left ear is in much "better" shape, and there would be enough to cover if he has to do the surgery. The good news is her hearing was not affected."

Spirit of Hope will have more hurdles to overcome. A heart murmur was detected, and follow up work will have to be done as she gets older, but for now, the puppy is recuperating and doesn't seem to remember or care how she almost died.

According to, Lufkin police are looking for the culprits who did this. If you have any information, please call Lufkin Crimestoppers at 936-639-TIPS (8477) or go to
Interested in adopting Spirit of Hope? Please contact Baby Dog Rescue @ 936-201-7102. If you would like to help with this puppy's medical expenses, please email

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