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Texas primary: what will the voters choose liberty or sustainability?

With the May 29th Texas primary quickly approaching, voters need to vet their candidates carefully before going to the polls. Texans can no longer afford to just watch the national elections and ignore locally those who would give away our liberty and property in the name of social, environmental or economic justice. Even though Texas is full of natural resources, we have a president who is propping up green energy with our tax dollars while destroying the existing foundation we have in coal and natural gas and causing electricity prices to “necessarily skyrocket”. We have an extremist environmental agenda that is eroding citizen’s property rights through local and regional planning initiatives that slip past the citizenry unnoticed until it’s already too late in the name of sustainability.

As citizens we have a grave responsibility to our neighbors and our children to cast our votes with great care. Future generations will already pay the price for the reckless spending and the destruction of our own economic future they will inherit. Texans, along with all of America, need to decide what we believe in. Are we still hard-working, self-reliant, generous, resilient people who will help a neighbor in need and band together during crises? Or are we weak willed, nanny-state dependent parasites that are willing to kill what’s good in Texas and in America because it’s the path of least resistance? We are currently experiencing the fruits of an entire generation’s political slumber.

If I wanted America to fail:

Will Texas voters will join the Earth Day sustainability band wagon and check their IQ at the door, or will they remember the legacy that the founding fathers handed down and fulfill their responsibility at the voting booth this May?

“Wishing to offend no one, our nations’ politicians, leaders and decision makers now stand for absolutely nothing.” – Franklin Graham, The Journal of Texas Conservative Politics, May 2012

Texas primary important dates:

Early Voting: 5/14 – 5/18 (Monday – Friday) 8am – 5pm

5/19 (Saturday) 7am – 7pm

5/20 (Sunday) 1pm – 6pm

5/21 – 5/25 (Monday – Friday) 8am – 5pm

Election Day: 5/29 (Tuesday) 7am – 7pm

Are you registered to vote?

Watch for future articles about regional planning initiatives and the United Nation’s Agenda 21.


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