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Texas pregnant woman: Judge ordered life support removed from brain-dead mom

The Texas pregnant woman, who was declared brain-dead, will be taken off the life support that has been keeping her alive since meeting the criteria for brain-dead on Nov. 28, 2013. A Texas judge ordered a Fort Worth hospital to remove the life support from Marlise Munoz, 33, by Monday at 5 p.m., which was met with great relief by her family, according to CNN News on Jan. 24.

A pregnant Texas woman will be taken off life support after being declared brain- dead back in November.

This long fight to have Munoz removed from the life support is finally coming to an end for her family, who wanted to respect her wishes of never being kept alive on life support if she were declared brain dead. The hospital was following a Texas law that differed for pregnant women declared brain-dead. The law states that the mother is to be kept on life support as long as there’s a viable fetus involved.

Munoz and her husband, both EMT’s, had discussions often about remaining on life support after a person is rendered brain-dead, due to the nature of their work. Her wish was to never be kept alive under those circumstances.

The unborn baby was deprived of oxygen when Munoz died after collapsing on the floor of her home due to a blood clot. The baby was found to have severe developmental problems along with deformities. Pro-life advocates believed the baby should still be given a chance as “miracles do happen,” according to Fox News live on Saturday.

While the judge has sent this court order to the hospital, the hospital could still appeal. If they choose to abide by the ruling, which is also the family’s wishes, the life support will be removed sometime between now and Monday at 5 p.m. local Texas time.

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