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Texas police officer saves the same pit bull twice

Jeffrey and his hero and new guardian
Arlington Police Depart. FB Page

Over the course of just a few weeks of time, a pit bull named "Jeffrey" has been saved not once, but twice, by the same Arlington, Texas, police officer. In late June, Jeffrey escaped from his home and he was running loose in north Arlington.

Residents in the area who were concerned about the wandering dog approached Sgt. Gary Carter, who quickly, and kindly, corralled the dog.

Shortly after the compassionate rescue effort, the Arlington Police Department released the details to their Facebook followers, writing:

Sgt. Carter immediately started interacting with the dog and determined it was extremely friendly. He was able to coax the furry friend into the patrol car so we can try and locate the owner. The poor dog appeared to be lost and thirsty.

Jeffrey was reunited with his family, but it was not a happily-ever-after ending as it should have been. On Thursday, the Arlington Police Department posted about Jeffrey's would-be troubles to their Facebook followers:

Unfortunately Jeffrey ended up back in Animal Services after he got out of his home. His previous owner told Animal Services that he didn't want the dog anymore. Do you think that was the end of the story? Absolutely not!!!!

This time around, Sgt. Carter made the rescue a long-lasting one. The Arlington Police Department shared the details with their Facebook fans:

Sgt. Gary Carter went to Animal Services on Thursday morning to adopt him so that he would not be put down.

"This dog keeps crossing my path so it must be meant to be," said Sgt. Carter.

The first thing Sgt. Carter did during their new reunion was change his name to "Chance" since he's getting a second chance on life. An obedience school in Weatherford called International K-9 has agreed to provide training for Chance.

Jeffrey, aka "Chance," is finally safe and sound.

Follow the Arlington Police Department on Facebook at this link.

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