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Texas players who shined at Evolution 2014

USF4 top 8 at Evo 2014
USF4 top 8 at Evo 2014
Henry Martinez

The largest fighting game tournament in the world, Evolution 2014, concluded last night in Las Vegas. Meltdown Luffy became the first European to win a Street Fighter 4 championship at Evo by outlasting nearly 2000 players and defeating Bonchan from Japan in the Ultra SF4 grand finals. Earlier, Evil Genius Justin Wong regained his crown in Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 by defeating the widely regarded top ranked UMvC3 player, Gamester Gear NYChrisG. Cloud9 Mango defeated CRS Hungrybox to claim the SSMB title, KN/RM CD Jr. beat RG Rico Suave in an all East Coast Killer Instinct grand final, Qanba Xiaohai held off MadCatz Tokido in the KOF13 finals. Garireo came back from the brink of defeat multiple times to win a stunning BlazBlue CP finals against Dogura. RG Sonic Fox followed up his Injustice win at CEO with a victory over Pig of the Hut at Evo. Korea's JDCR finally wins an Evo title by holding off an inspired run by Gen in the Tekken Tag Tournament 2 finals. Finally, Mao returns from Japan to win the ST double by retaining his crown in Tournament of Legends over Nuki, and X-Mania by teaming up with Mattsun and TMF to defeat Noguchi, Hanashi, and Kurahashi.

As for the Texas players at the event, there was actually a pretty good representation. Texas Showdown champ DJ Kor was able to qualify out of losers side in his pool, but then lost to Suiken in the semi final bracket to finish tied for 25th. Another Showdown champ KH Digit was able to crack the top 10 in Injustice, but was ultimately felled by eventual champ Sonic Fox and 16bit. After finishing top 8 at CEO, Austin's Vicio was one match away from the semi final bracket in KOF, but lost to Tokido and Violent Kain from Mexico. MyGod88 was the runner up at Texas Showdown to PR Balrog, at Evo he was defeated by Justin Wong and finished tied for 5th. In UMvC3, Busby followed up a solid top 8 finish at CEO with an even more impressive top 10 at Evo. Former Houstonian Marn shocked the FGC by knocking ChrisG into the losers bracket, but couldn't repeat the feat and ended up tied for 7th. Jan Del Rio knocked Marn into losers to qualify for the top 8 on the winners side, but couldn't take down Evo 2012 champion RG Filipino Champ, and CTRL Ray Ray to finish tied for 5th. Scrubeks, Rylander, Denial Stone and Denial Danke also qualified out of UMvC3 pools, but were unable to advance past the quarter final round. In USF4, Chaotix was able to knock Dignitas Ryan Hart into the losers bracket, but fell in the runback to qualify out of the quarter final bracket. Hsien Chang, Fubarduck, Nashfan, FlashHouse, Integra, FourWude, and BrolyLegs were able to qualify out of their USF4 pools, but none were able to make it to the next round.