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Texas player says Baylor football 'trash'

Mack Brown......first spring game at Texas without former coach this century.
Mack Brown......first spring game at Texas without former coach this century.
University of Texas.

A University of Texas linebacker said the Baylor football team was "trash", according to the My San Antonio publication today, Friday, April 21. Longhorn linebacker Steve Edmond made his demeaning comments regarding the Bears football program following today's spring game in Austin. When Baylor made history by winning its first Big 12 championship by defeating Texas last December, Edmond was sidelined by a lacerated liver. Edmond fired a shot across the bow of the Baylor team today, saying, "I really don't like Baylor. I still feel they're trash." Baylor has defeated the Longhorns three of the last four years on the gridiron so it was understandable his comments deriding Baylor drew chuckles from some reporters at the news conference. "Ya'll think it's funny, but I'm dead serious," Edmond said. "They've had some good players....But I don't understand how we lost to Baylor." Edmond will be a senior next year. He further said, "Baylor gets a win and act like they haven't won before. They won it. So what? They still suck to me."

Edmond will have a chance to back up his words Oct. 4 when Baylor and Texas tee it up at Royal-Memorial Stadium in Austin.

Edmond also admitted he was furious over the defeat last year, saying we "knew we were a better team than them."

The Texas offense dominated the defense in the scrimmmage in which the first string, second string, third string and fourth strings were rotated.

New coach Charlie Strong presided over his first Texas scrimmage which was broadcast over the Longhorn Netwoork. Clips were show of Strong's defenses at Louisville in which defenders were shown roaming around immediately before the other team snapped the ball. The Cardinals would then blitz when the play started on a regular basis.

One thing for sure, there's a linebacker on the Texas defense who has mastered the art of trash talking.

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