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Texas over California, again

The Fairfield-Suisun, California, Daily Republic reported on the one year $128,900 contract award to the Flippen Group of College Station, Texas. Flippen Group, a training and consulting firm, is charged with the task of promoting "positive school and district cultures." This will involve at least 6 hours of telephone consulting initially and, of course, there is a more than $17,000 travel budget. There are so many California nonprofits and small business education providers competing annually for funds in the range of $10,000 to $50,000 per year to be able to help bring California back to its glory days of leadership in education. The idea that Texas, again, wins out over California is not only disheartening but also another step backwards to serving "Californians for Californians." Education in California would be a lot more "positive" if practices included enhancing the vast educational resources available within the State. In Los Angeles, when contracts are awarded to what appears to be a California company, the cost is often prohibitive, taking more money out of the classroom and putting it into the hands of organizations that ultimately benefit non-California entitles. If California is to improve education outcomes, the State must stop looking to other states and international firms to promote the "positive partnerships" that should be encouraged, fostered, and developing locally all over the State. California Gov. Brown is critical of Federal and State education policy because of the "tens of thousands of regulations," he says; however, Gov. Brown is in the driver's seat to initiate change. Texas Gov. Rick Perry is already selling his state to California business, and now it seems California's once cherished leading education reputation could possibly fall to the Texas way of life? California is the "real Wild West" and needs to pull up its bootstraps and take back educational and entrepreneurial leadership. On the other hand, if Gov. Perry is seriously contemplating a move to California, perhaps he will be the one to help put California back on the map by drawing business from other states when he arrives - the way he shows he can create lustre for, of all places, Texas.