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Texas newlyweds crash: Pair driving separate have fatal crash with each other

In shocking news, Texas newlyweds had a fatal crash that shocked everyone. On June 5, NY Daily News shared the news that these two were driving their own cars when they ended up hitting each other. This was a fatal crash that killed both of them not long after they were married to each other.

Cristina Munoz was driving her car when she ran into Nicolas Munoz. They were both near their workplace when this big accident happened. They both worked for Mahard Pullet Farm. They ran into each other and both died even though they were in their own cars. It is really sad that this happened to the young couple who were in their 20s.

They had three young children at home. Authorities spoke out about the crash saying, "It appears speed and the layout of the road, including a hill crest, are going to be factors in the cause of the accident." They worked different shifts which would easily explain why Cristina and Nicolas were driving their own cars near their workplace.

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