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Texas newlyweds crash: Die on impact in head-on collision driving separate cars

Driving in separate vehicles, a husband and wife collided head-on in an accident that killed both on impact. This freak accident has made headline news this week and now more details of this horrific scene have been released, according to the Canada Journal News on June 8.

Texas newlyweds crash head-on in separate vehicles were pronounced dead on the scene.
Facebook/ Times Records News

Both Nicolas Cruz, 31, and Kristina Muniz, 26, left this world at the same time, as both were pronounced dead at the scene of this rural country road accident. Muniz was driving north on County Road 87 in her car and as she got to the crest of the hill, she smashed head-on into her husband's pickup truck.

The couple both worked for a farm and took separate vehicles to work because their schedules were different and their jobs entailed traveling back and forth to the farm's two locations. Reports have the couple on their way to work when this horrific accident happened.

The rural country road on which both were traveling did not have a center marking. The couple must have driven this road hundreds of times, as it is part of their daily work routine.

The couple had three children, but were recently married reports State Trooper Jymie Ha. The accident happened in Odell, Texas and neither were wearing a seat belt at the time of the head-on collision, according to NBC News.

The newlywed couple worked for the Mahard Egg Farm in Prosper, Texas, which is about 60 miles northwest of Wichita Falls and on the Oklahoma border. Both Muniz and Cruz are originally from Mexico, but they met while working for the egg farm.

According to the Metro News, it appears that the accident happened when the wife crossed the center of the road as she came to the crest of a hill. She veered into the path of her husband's on-coming pickup, hitting him head-on.

State Trooper Jymie Ha reports:

"It appears speed and the layout of the road, including a hill crest, are going to be factors in the cause of the accident."

The investigation into this tragic accident is on-going. The couple lived with their three children, who are now without either parent, in the nearby town of Vernon, Texas, reports WGNTV. The pictures of both cars show just how horrific this accident was.

Firefighters needed to use metal cutting power tools to take both Munoz and Cruz out of their vehicles. The aftermath of the accident left both cars in piles, all that was left is twisted metal.

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