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Texas newlyweds crash: Couple driving separate cars killed on impact

A young couple of Texas newlyweds crash into each other, and they both die on impact. This tragic story has made national news since the crash happened early Wednesday morning. Cristina Muniz and Nicolas Cruz married each other last spring, and they both worked at the same place. They just worked separate shifts, and they each drove to work using their own cars. They were driving between different buildings at their work when the accident happened. The Huffington Post shared the details of the accident on June 7.

This accident happened just three miles west of Odell in Texas. The city is just 60 miles northwest of Wichita Falls. The head-on collision likely killed the couple instantly. Rescuers had to use tools in order to free the couple from their vehicles after the accident, and they were both already deceased at that time. It made it more of a recovery operation than a true rescue. The Wichita Falls Times Record News shared photos of the cars at the crash scene, and it is clear that the couple didn't have a chance to survive the collision.

Nicolas and Cristina both worked at Mahard Pullet Farm. Cristina was driving her 1999 Saturn north, and Nicolas was driving his 1990 Mazda pickup south. It is Cristina that crossed over the middle of the roadway on Country Road 87 and ran head-on into her husband's car. Authorities are investigating the crime to find out if speed was a factor in the accident, but it is likely speed was involved. It was revealed that neither Cristina or Nicolas were wearing their seatbelts at the time of the accident.

However, the roadway itself might have been the cause. Jymie Ha, a trooper with the Department of Public Safety, said the following about the cause of the accident: "It appears speed and the layout of the road, including a hill crest, are going to be factors in the cause of the accident." Tony Fulton, another representative for the Department of Public Safety, said the following about Country Road 87, according to KEYE TV: "This is a very narrow black-top, county road. There are no markings. There's no shoulder markings. There's no center stripe marks."

Nicolas and Cristina leave behind three young children. Nicolas and Cristina were both on Facebook. Nicolas' Facebook revealed that the couple married on April 13 of last year. Cristina's Facebook has a photo of her with their three children. The photo makes it clear that this tragic accident has left three very young children without their parents. The couple had two boys and one girl.

It is hard to believe that the Nicolas and Kristina managed to drive and collide into each other early Wednesday morning. This bizarre story is true though. It is the weird coincidence here that is bringing national attention to this couple's story. With Nicolas and Kristina dying on impact, it isn't even clear if the couple knew they had hit their significant other.

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