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Texas "necroclassical" post-death metal band to play in Crimea

Goatcraft, the "necroclassical" keyboard band created by After Death composer and longtime death metal musician Lonegoat, has announced its latest live show. This live show however is not the usual gigging around Texas. This time, Goatcraft is going to a war zone. The Texas band will be playing in Crimea on April 26th with the permission of Russian commando teams who now occupy the region.

The Ukraine, in the throes of its own revolution, claims Crimea -- as does Russia.
Svoboda Ukraine

Rising to public prominence with its inaugural effort, 2013's All For Naught, Goatcraft quickly won over local death metal audiences with its fast, hammering piano attack reminiscent of the shredding riffs of death metal. Following up that with this year's The Blasphemer, Goatcraft launched a William Blake-theme album with the same vicious piano assault but incorporating the kind of lush melody and complex development that one might expect from the soundtrack to a European psychological thriller.

Currently Russian commando forces with insignia removed are occupying the troubled Crimea region, which is also claimed by Ukraine with the EU, UN and NATO on its side. If Lonegoat survives this Eastern European mini-tour, he should have many "death metal" spirited experiences with death, bloodshed, loss, misery, tyranny and possibly nuclear holocaust to relate to his fanbase in Texas.

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