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Texas natives Midlake to release their third album "The Courage of Others" on Feb. 2

Midlake's new album, "The Courage of Others", is due out Feb 2.
Midlake's new album, "The Courage of Others", is due out Feb 2. files/2008/05/midlake.jpg

Midlake is not your average modern-take-on-classic rock outfit, which is how some listeners would refer to their music. First gaining popularity in Europe, the Denton, Texas natives began to garner support here at home thanks to SXSW Music Festival, Jason Lee (yes, the actor - who took a particular interest in the band) and their second album and strongest release yet, "The Trials of Van Occupanther". It was a fantastic album which combined straight-ahead rock 'n roll and electronica (think of early The Flaming Lips, or perhaps Radiohead), and landed itself on several different hit lists in 2006. Thanks to songs such as "Roscoe", "Young Bride" and "We Gathered In Spring", the album did very well, and became an instant classic in my book. 

Midlake's new album, called "The Courage of Others", is due out on Feb 2nd. Will it live up to the hype? Check back here for a review of the album after the drop. 


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