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Texas Muslim Women's Foundation among 100 best world charities

Established in 2005 by women empowering other women, the Texas Muslim Women's Foundation, a non-profit organization, has continuously and persistently built up its mission to help spread peace in society. With the belief that peace starts in the family, TMWF's major effort goes out to fighting against and educating about domestic violence. Last week, the Huffington Post published an article about 100 charities doing good worldwide. TMWF was amongst the winners.

TMWF also announced last week its receipt of a $75,000 grant from the Meadow Foundation, and for the second consecutive year, in support of TMWF's Peaceful Oasis shelter, the first and only shelter in North Texas that caters to Muslim women. With this new grant, TMWF will be able to increase shelter for women and to help more women and their children with counseling.

“By establishing domestic violence programming that serves the Muslim community, Texas Muslim Women’s Foundation is forging new ground to help victims rebuild their lives and address a problem found equally across all segments of the population,” said Linda Perryman Evans, President and Chief Executive Officer of The Meadows Foundation.

Every year, TMWF provides hundreds of women and children with social services, ranging from case management, short-term financial assistance, shelter and food, job placement to legal assistance, transitional housing, crisis counseling and prevention programs.

Domestic violence happens across all faith and faithless communities. One in four women will experience domestic violence in her lifetime. Hence, programs supporting, empowering, and protecting women deal with a large population. This is why the Peaceful Oasis shelter was established to offer women a safe refuge and a welcoming place to start anew. Even though this shelter caters to the needs of Muslim women, it welcomes women and their children from all faiths and backgrounds.

Supporting TMWF are many organizations and foundations as well as community donors. The Muslim community is dedicated to supporting TMWF and it has endorsed for the past six years a campaign against domestic violence which takes place every year during Ramadan, the Muslim month of fasting. This year's campaign is the seventh: it starts on June 28 and lasts through July 28. During the Ramadan domestic violence awareness campaigns, mosques and Islamic centers across North Texas spread awareness about DV and dedicate the Friday sermon of the second week in Ramadan towards this topic.

Along with the social services, TMWF fosters two additional programs equally essential in society. Its Youth group is mobilized to serve several times a year at public homeless shelters and food pantries among other activities. Its outreach program participates in interfaith and provides basic education about Islam to the community. TMWF is an organization that values education and appreciative knowledge which are the backbones of American pluralism.

TMWF has an emergency 24/7 family violence hotline: 972-880-4192. Please spread the word to others. Your sharing this info could help save a woman's life. To help support TMWF's efforts you can donate on their website.

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