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Texas mom and boyfriend charged in brutal beating murder of 2-year-old son

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A couple from Pasadena, Texas, Christina Chadwick and Chad Wisnieski, both 29-years old, were being held on March 21 after being charged with the felony murder of Chadwick’s two-year-old son, Steven Drouillard, after the child’s bruised, beaten, and lifeless body was found lying out on a sidewalk of their apartment complex on Nov. 17, 2012.

Wisnieski, Chadwick’s boyfriend, was responsible for watching the toddler at the time of his death, according to a March 21 report from My San Antonio.

Autopsy results just released stated that the two-year-old “died of multiple blunt force trauma.”

Prosecutors called it one of the worst cases of child abuse they had ever seen. They said doctors discovered more than 200 bruises on the boy, as well as teeth marks and internal injuries. - KHOU

On that tragic day in 2012, residents from the couple’s Empire Village Complex said they saw the baby lying motionless on the sidewalk wearing only a diaper as Wisnieski stood above the child’s body “screaming for help.”

Wisnieski would babysit the two-year-old and Chadwick’s two other young kids in their apartment while the mom was at work. Wisnieski denied ever harming the child and tried to pass the blame for the child’s beating death on the boy’s older sister.

Court records showed that Wisnieski later confessed to playing rough with the child, “including 'punching and pushing' him in the stomach and tossing him in the air,” according to The Daily Mail.

Wisnieski was not the boy’s biological father.

During her interview with police, the mother said she had noticed bruising on her son’s little body the night before he died, but chalked his injuries up to those of an “adventurous” two-year-old. Chadwick also said that the boy’s older sister may have been responsible for hurting her little brother.

… this week, as prosecutors charged the couple, neighbors said they felt that justice had finally been served.

After the child’s death, the couple moved from Pasadena to League City, Texas, where they were both arrested on Thursday.

Currently, Chadwick and Wisnieski are being held at Harris County Jail.

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