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Texas man claims to capture baby chupacabra

Tales of the chupacabra have haunted Latin America and the southern United States for decades, with stories of cattle and goat mutilations offered up as evidence. Until now, no one has offered proof that the chupacabra actually exists. Bubba Stock from Ratcliffe, Texas thinks he has proof that the chupacabra is real. According to an April 3 report by Liberty Voice, Stock believes he has captured a baby chupacabra and is holding it captive in a cage.

Texas man claims to capture chupacabra
Pippy / Flickr

When Stock spotted the animal perched in a tree eating corn, his wife told him it looked like a baby chupacabra. The couple proceeded to capture the beast in a live trap.

While wildlife expert, Brent Ortego, of Texas Parks and Wildlife has his doubts about the identification of this alleged chupacabra, he admits he isn’t sure what the animal is. He claims that the animal is some sort of canine with the mange.

Arlen Parma, a long time hunter and neighbor of the Stock family, doesn’t agree. Parma says he is aware of wildlife in the area and this animal doesn’t fit the description of anything he has ever seen. What sets it apart, says Parma, is its unusual vocalizations. He claims that raccoons and ‘possums don’t make the same sounds this animal makes.

The video of this mystery beast thought to be a baby chupacabra, shown by KABC in Los Angeles, clearly shows the animal using its front paws to grasp food, a trait not commonly seen in canines.

For now, the alleged baby chupacabra remains in a cage and is spending its time feasting on cat food and corn.

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