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Texas LP candidate rejects Enterprise 'Slush Fund'

Kathie Glass addressed a Standing Together for Liberty event in Grand Prairie last summer.
Kathie Glass addressed a Standing Together for Liberty event in Grand Prairie last summer.
Kathie Glass/YouTube

Kathie Glass, seeking the Libertarian Party's gubernatorial nomination, described the Texas Enterprise Fund recently as an example of "corrupt cronyism."

The Texas Enterprise Fund was created in 2003 by the Texas legislature with $295 million of taxpayer's money. It's an "economic development fund" for enticing businesses to move to, stay in or expand within Texas.

As a Fort Worth Star-Telegram article by Alexa Ura of The Texas Tribune reported last week, critics of the fund call it corporate welfare. Others have called it a "political slush fund" and accused Governor Rick Perry of funneling handouts from it to his corporate executive supporters.

While Perry has doled out more than $508 million of taxpayer largess to business enterprises the article wonders whether future governors will continue the fund.

To find out they polled two governor frontrunners, current Republican Attorney General Greg Abbott and Democratic state Senator Wendy Davis of Fort Worth.

"Abbott’s stance on the fund has been cloudy," the article reports, while Davis has both praised it and tried to defund it.

Since neither the Tribune nor the Star-Telegram asked any potential Texas Libertarian Party gubernatorial candidate what they thought of the fund the Dallas Libertarian Examiner contacted Kathie Glass, one of the LP frontrunners for the nomination, for her opinion.

Glass didn't waffle and her position wasn't cloudy.

"Texas politics has become the means by which the rich and powerful become more rich and more powerful," she told Dallas Libertarian Examiner. "This corrupt cronyism – the very opposite of a free market system – is exemplified by the Texas Enterprise Fund."

She sees little change from Abbot.

"Greg Abbott is expected to have over $40 million in his Texas gubernatorial campaign fund," Glass said. "That tells you all you need to know about him, and it is not good. Nobody with $40 million to give, gives it without full assurance that it will produce a good return on their investment.

"If you are not part of the $40 million club, you will get nothing from a Greg Abbott governorship. Don’t waste your vote. If you are not a member of the $40 million club, why would you vote for one of their candidates?"

While Glass didn't take on Davis directly she did include her indirectly in a general observation.

"The two party system is corrupt – corrupted by these special interests that have such a stranglehold on our political process."

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