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Texas independence has nothing to fear from the U.S. military

It's sometimes frustrating (but always entertaining) to see the comments from the lefties which pop up on every story dealing with the Texas Nationalist Movement's drive for Texas independence.

I see the same comments, over and over -- comments which have been refuted time and again: "secession is illegal," "Texas couldn't survive without federal money" (I really love that one), "Texas couldn't defend itself," "the Texas economy would rapidly become a Third-World bleep-hole," and the very tired, "this is all about racism."

Then there's my favorite: "Let's see 'em try it, and watch while American military might crushes their rebellion."

Aside from the fact that no one's talking rebellion here -- we've maintained for 15 years now that Texas independence can be accomplished through a perfectly-legal, sane, sensible, reasoned vote, and the Texas Nationalist Movement has no ties whatsoever to any militia group -- I find it amusing that the people who hate the military the most are the ones who think it will defend their tyranny.

Digest that a bit.

The most vehement objections to Texas independence come from people who loathe the military, who dress up in pink and block recruiting stations, who kick ROTCs off campuses, who spit on our honored veterans in airports or cheat them in business, and who demand we prosecute "war crimes" against our own people while ignoring atrocities committed by the enemy. Many, if not most, members of the Texas independence movement are veterans.

The same far-far left politicos who stage marches wanting to hang our soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines for defending themselves against enemies who use human shields, think that those same soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines are going to open fire on peaceful Texans exercising their fundamental right of self-determination. Am I the only one who sees a little duplicity there?

People who never wore a uniform -- and in many cases, fled to other countries to avoid being drafted during another unpopular war -- think that people who risk their lives today while wearing a uniform are going to take their orders and slaughter unarmed civilians?

The same wild-eyed radical lefties who have forced the military to openly accept gays -- something no army on Earth in history has ever done -- expects that military to gun down their brothers, sisters, fathers and mothers?

People who are responsible for cutting back veterans' benefits, who work hard to limit military pay and spending in order to give a free ride to crack whores and illegal aliens, think that our hard-working, responsible military members are going to follow their directions?

People who make cracks on social networking sites, in newspaper columns and in the broadcast media about how stupid and robotic our military members are, expect those same warriors to bomb Walmarts and turn heavy weapons loose on "rebels" trying to vote?

How very Democratic of them.

Our service members, both Texans and otherwise, took an oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States -- not either of the major political parties, not Congress, not the President. They are aware that the Constitution has been systematically shredded, spindled, mutilated and used like toilet paper by the far-far left. A great number of our service members, like members of law enforcement, are Oath Keepers.

Like many Texas Nationalists, I am a veteran. I bled for the flag the Texas-haters wrap themselves in. Like our current service men and women, I was willing to put my life on the line to protect the Constitution and my country.

I respect those soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines -- but I do not fear them. When the time comes for Texas to go its own way, I expect they will do their duty ... and refuse illegal orders issued by illegitimate authority to commit illegal acts.

There was a saying popularized during the anti-war movement of the 1960s: "What if they gave a war and no one came?" How interesting it is, that the lefties might actually get their wish some time in the near future.


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